Telemarketing Registration
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State DNC

Apart from the National DNC, there are now 12 states which have their own State Do-Not-Call lists. When telemarketers call into these states, they must purchase/register with the State DNC lists and scrub against those lists. Unless an exeption applies, a telemarketer is prohibited from calling numbers on these state DNC lists.  The states that have their own Do Not Call lists are:

 State  Do Not Call Website

 Colorado No-Call List

 Florida Do Not Call Program

 Indiana Do Not Call List

 Louisiana Do Not Call Program
 Massachusetts Do Not Call Program
 Mississippi No Call Program
 Missouri No Call
 Oklahoma Do Not Call Registry
 Pennsylvania Do Not Call List
 Tennessee Do Not Call Program
 Texas No Call
Wisconsin recently passed a new law eliminating their state DNC list.
 Wyoming No Call Law

Keep in mind that when calling into the states that have State DNC lists, you are still required to scrub against the National DNC list as well.  If you need assistance registering with a state DNC list, please contact us.  An experienced telemarketing attorney or telemarketing law firm may be able to help you find a telemarketing exemption, or perform a telemarketing audit of your company to ensure you are compliant.

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